Inter Partes (IP)

  • CFA’s medical & professional negligence
  • Costs Budgets
  • Bills of Costs
  • Schedule of costs for summary assessment and for negotiations
  • Points of Dispute
  • Points of Reply
  • Part 36 Offers
  • Negotiation and settlement of costs
  • Probate & Court of Protection work
  • Attendance at detailed assessment hearings
  • Tracking system to ensure that deadlines met and penalties avoided


Why you should use TRS Legal Costs:

  • Complete & comprehensive service
  • Free consultation
  • Efficient & effective recovery of costs
  • Low rejection rate
  • Professional & personal service
  • Tracking systems for HCCP & Inter Partes matters ensuring that deadlines are met & penalties avoided
  • Complete Civil Costs service from Legal Aid Claim 1/1A’s to Costs Budgets to settlement of complex IP cases & everything in between.